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Perfect in every way – planning your ideal day


When it comes to your special occasion, whether a wedding reception, business meeting or class reunion, you need an event center that will cater to your every need. Turn to the Mid-Ohio Valley’s largest event center, The Grand Pointe Conference and Reception Center.

what we do


Grand Pointe’s elegantly appointed spaces will serve as the perfect backdrop for your next function.  Let Grand Pointe’s food service and event planning experts take away the worry.

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Kylie Golden

Sales & Event Coordinator

“I recently attended a conference here. The staff was very accommodating to our needs, provided excellent food, and the space is nicely appointed. I would recommend this venue to anyone that has large group events in the area.”

Wendy Tallman

“Wonderful and good price. The staff was so helpful for my wedding, my reception was beautiful, and the food was incredible!”

Maggie Jones

“My husband and I recently held our wedding ceremony and reception at this venue! It was absolutely beautiful and everyone was super helpful! I would highly recommend to anyone!”

Makayla Mullins

Awesome venue. As a professional speaker I have seen many conference facilities. Grand Pointe is first class and one of the best! Awesome people, great A/V team and leadership fully engaged.

Jerald Cosey

Fantastic venue and really good food. I attended a wedding there and was blown away by the transformation they made inside. Looking from the outside you might think what the heck is this place, but I would recommend it to anybody. Very beautiful and appeared to make it very stress free for the bride and groom (they cleaned up and set up).

Adam Zucker

I can’t say enough good things about this venue. Staff is fabulous. Property is beautiful. You can’t go wrong with this location.

Victoria Yater


we'll make your party perfect



We appreciate your trust! Our clients choose us and our products because they know we’re the best.

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02. Specific Menu Options

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